Jokes & more

Edited by: Edizioni Periferia
Softcover, 10,5x14,8 cm, 276 p.
Design: Laia Ortiz Sansano
ISBN 978-3-906016-82-5
CHF 22.– / EUR 18.–

The Zürich-based artist Ruedi Bechtler (*1942) has created a rather unusual artist’s book. Selected tusche drawings, painted with his eyes closed, are reminiscent of calligraphy and have been juxtaposed with jokes randomly chosen from his collection. Jokes often follow a trajectory devised to “flip-flop” into unanticipated territory. Combined with the tusche drawings, they testify to Bechtler’s long-time interest in jarring preconceived notions. This handy little publication easily fits into a coat pocket.