Florence Jung

Edited by: Dr. Georg und Josi Guggenheim-Stiftung
Softcover, 29,7x21 cm, 96 p.
German English
Design: Nicolas Leuba
ISBN 978-3-906016-84-9
CHF 25.– / EUR 20.–

Jung60 is a project developed at the F+F School of Art and Design by Florence Jung, the laureate of the Dr. Georg and Josi Guggenheim Prize 2017. Florence Jung hired the arts students to perform their role as art students in the school gallery. Previously each student was asked to individually negotiate their conditions of work with the artist in presence of a legal adviser, from the size of their working space to their wages, to working hours and clothes, workloads, duties. The accompanying publication assembles all contracts.

With :
Experimental Artist
Ambitious Painter
Künstlerin mit Partikularinteresse
Malerin mit Rosaroter Perücke
Hamed Rashtian
Bravo Girl 1
Bekleidete Künstlerin ein Aktmodel zeichnend
Bravo Girl 2