Edited by Peter Fischer and Lada Umstätter
No. 37 of the Binding Sélection d'artistes series
Design: Camillo Paravicini
Essays (german / french) by: Peter Fischer, Lada Umstätter, Paul Ardenne, Catherine Gfeller, Elisabeth Lebovici, Françoise Ninghetto, Urs Stahel
Hardcover half-linen, 224 pages, 15,5 × 24 cm
CHF 45.- / € 36.-
ISBN 978-3-907474-85-3

Shimmering images, inverted worlds: is the city moving or the viewer and - if both - who is quicker, more authentic, more fleeting? Catherine Gfeller’s photographic and video work, based on incessantly pulsating urban landscapes, is autobiographical insofar as it focuses on New York and Paris, but it is hardly private. Everything here is public, yet nothing can really be captured. In other groups of works, the artist takes a thoroughly different look at the symbiotic relationship between mankind and the environment, peering behind the anonymous façades of buildings and exposing intimate living spaces. Speed, exhileration and indulgence: "The only form of stability [can be found] in being ‘lulled by the loop’, as if caught up in the unfathomable delirium of repetition." This volume is being published to accompany three museum exhibitions to be held at the Musée des Beaux-art La Chaux-de-Fonds, the Kunstmuseum Luzern, and the Centre Régional d’Art Contemporain Languedoc-Roussillon Sète.