Edited by Kunstmuseum Solothurn.
With an essay (german / english) by Barbara von Flüe.
Design: groenlandbasel
Bound, 22,5 × 31,5 cm; 64 pages
May 2009
ISBN 978-3-907474-63-1
CHF 28.- / Euro 23.-

Cécile Hummel, one of Switzerland‘s most important artists, is known above all for her drawings. From the start, however, she has also worked with photography in the form of Polaroids, inkjet prints and photogravure. She does not seek out the exceptional and the extraordinary; her subject matter lies in her immediate surroundings. With the camera, she captures things that escape casual perception, and in her drawings she creates visual spaces that are a blend of what she sees and what she remembers. The catalogue publication contains her most recent gouaches and photographs, studies in light that explore that phenomenon not only in terms of subject matter but also of visual design, leading to entirely new forms of composition.