Appunti per una grande enciclopedia dello spazio scritta e illustrata senza uscire di casa

Essay: Matteo Terzaghi
(Italian / german)
With b/w pictures
Softcover, 15,5 × 21,5 cm, 32 pages, with an extra sheet
ISBN 978-3-906016-03-0
CHF 18.– / EUR 15.–
February 2012

The “great encyclopaedia of space written and illustrated without leaving home” is published in conjunction with the International Institute of Architecture in Vico Morcote. It is actually a very small book, consisting of a compilation of entries such as “bathtub”, “gravity” and “wall”. Just as the mystery of time is fully contained in its briefest span, a matchbox is more than big enough for the mystery of space. The two artists have developed a syntax in which words, pictures and composition interact on a single plane – on the ever so human scale of the doublepage spread of an open book.