Tanz der Chöre

Editors: Wrongbrothers INC., P. Hari and C.E.Meier
Design: elektrosmog, Zürich
Format: 23.5 x 32cm, -Book: 56 pages  / Booklet: 32 pages
Essayt: Max Frisch, Lucius Burckhardt, Markus Kutter
ISBN: 978-3-906016-65-8
CHF 15.- / EUR 13.-

An intention: Tanz der Chöre (Dance of the Choirs) pays tribute to the pioneering Swiss intellectual, Max Frisch. Translating the text into Chinese for the first time is also a pioneering adventure. It is a performative act that gives a different cultural circle something it didn‘t ask for. Presumably.

but: the flame hisses

it is hellishly refreshing and invigorating to venture behind the curtain of the great canon – and find some gems, with a little bit of luck, or a seed that it is an honour to sow.
Sprout well small book.

by C. E. Meier, from the foreword to the publication