Max von Moos, der Zeichner

Edited by: Max von Moos Stiftung
Hardcover, 23 x, 168 S.
Design: Katarina Lang, Zürich
Essay: Peter Fischer

ISBN 978-3-906016-64-1
CHF 48.– / EUR 45.–

This new monograph on Max von Moos fulfils a long cherished desideratum: to show the entire spectrum of drawings made by an obsessive draftsman, who is often reduced to his association with Surrealism. Not only does the Swiss artist stand out for the brilliancy of his linear treatment; his imagery, drawn from myriad sources, testifies to an open-minded, innovative and, in view of an increasingly contradictory world, deeply disquieted burgher. Peter Fischer offers biographical and aesthetic insights into his oeuvre. Analogies with the work of contemporaries from Klee and Dalí to Bourgeois, Moore, Pollock and Brice Marden place von Moss in an international context. The publication, conceived both as a picture book and a reader, opens up new vistas on an oeuvre created by one of Switzerland’s greatest 20th century artists.