Bunker: Unloaded

Edited by Giovanni Carmine und Catherine Hug for the exhibition UNLOADED – Coming Up For Air.
With works by Stuart Bailey, Monica Bonvincini, Christoph Büchel, Anneliese Coste, Ryan Gander, Fabrice Gygi, Norma Jeane, Lang / Baumann, Olivier Mosset, Gianni Motti, Shahryar Nashat and Costa Vece. With a  photps contribution by Fischli / Weiss.
Essays (german / english) by Giovanni Carmine and Catherine Hug, Alessandro Galasso, Tom Gnägi, Geraldine Ramphal, Peter Stamm; notes on discussion with Daniel Baumann, Regine Helbling Gerster, Thomas Knellwolf, Sabina Lang, Martin Lengwiler and Maurice Lovisa.
Design: Stuart Bailey (Amsterdam / Warschau).
Paperback, 13,6 × 22 cm.
152 pages, therof 48 farbig.
ISBN 978-3-907474-05-1
CHF 28.– / EUR 23.–

This publication was completed a year after the exhibitions UNLOADED – Coming Up For Air was installed in bunkers formerly used by the Swiss Army in Oberschan. Not intended just as a catalouge, it describes and refers to the atmosphere and mood of the exhibition. At the same time, the book provides an inside view of the project itself.

International artists created new works and statements especially fort he exhibition. The artworks attempt to come to terms with the challenging historical background of the site and are embedded in the impressive landscape. Given the increasing impact of military concerns on politics and life, this publication makes an important contribution to the cultural debate on the meaning of military security and is ambiguities.


Selected as one of the most beautiful books in Switzerland 2003